Chlamydia The Band is the musical practice of Emily Dunlop and Camille Biddell

MELO D on voice and keyboard

CAMO MILE on bass


ROBERT THE STYLIST a menacing presence 


Musical spawn from Edinburgh and struggling to overcome art school trauma, but desperate to have a good time. Pioneering art punk, laced with meaningless lyrics that speak to you, YES YOU, the audience in the corner. You’re at this gallery, you don’t know where to put your coat, and now you’re watching a bloody performance. Well RELAX, enjoy, this IS what you came for.

Through musical performance art which is both disruptive and critical, we use subversion and humour to address ideas around dis/honesty.  We challenge experiences and topics we find dishonest, be this exhibition openings, education, or politics. We acknowledge and embrace the flaws and contradictions within our performances, which we believe to be central to honesty. 



Place & Platform present: Unkenny, Settlement Projects, Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh (August 2019) Photos: Sam Wood


Performance at the opening of Monster Chetwynd's exhibition The Owl with the Laser Eyes, Sandretto Foundation,Turin, Italy (November 2018)


Very Heavy Launch, Hell Mouth 3, Monster Chetwynd, Eastside Projects, Birmingham  (May 2019)


Screen Time, Word in Transit x Yoke Collective, London Underground x Banner Repeater (March 2019) Photo: Beatrice Taylor-Searle