Lamppost (As Remembered) 2017

4.7 metres, aluminium

Folkestone Triennial

Collaboration with David Shrigley 

Made with support from Kenny Hunter and Powderhall Bronze Foundry

Photos: Steve Ager, Jack Handscombe

Read more on the Creative Folkestone website

In 2017 I was invited to sculpt David Shrigley's commission for the Folkestone Triennial, an exhibition of public sculpture which takes place every three years in the coastal town. In February, Shrigley and I travelled to Folkestone together. On the leas, the clifftop promenade, I was blindfolded. Shrigley removed my blindfold so I could look at one of the leas' distinctive Victorian lampposts for under a minute. Back in the car, I made sketches from memory. We returned to Shrigley's studio and made scale drawings from these sketches.

I returned to Edinburgh, and sculpted the full scale version of these sketches at Powderhall Bronze Foundry, under the mentorship of Kenny Hunter who taught me many clay modelling techniques. The foundry team also assisted with making tools to get the most true version of the lamppost from my memory. We made molds and cast the lamppost in aluminium. The foundry team welded the parts of the lamppost together and painted the body of the lamppost. It was installed amongst the other lamppost on the leas. It has since been acquired by Creative Folkestone and is on permanent display.