SHAM JAM was a collaboration with Robert Cooper; a Cam & Coop production. Set within a popular nightclub on Edinburgh's Cowgate, it was an alternative venue, challenging all the habits we daren't question within the rituals of a night out. To enter, the audience must proceed through a non-sensical queuing system. Poles and rope made from knotted waste-plastic guide them zigzagging through a large and desolate space. They are handed a questionnaire, which they must complete. What are they prepared to give to enter the SHAM JAM? What will they sacrifice to enter a hedonistic space they have never experienced before? They reach the interrogation station, where Cam & Coop review their questionnaires before ushering them through thick black drapes into the SHAM JAM beyond.

Inside the space, which is comparatively smaller than the queue itself, are humorous characters dotted around. Familiar yet uncertain, there is Karen from the office who you meet next to the photocopier and won't leave you alone, a pervy geezer wearing too much aftershave, an angry old woman who might be a ghost, an angel, a shot girl, a robot. 

The decoration is all made from rubbish, and hung on the walls are painted murals of strange surreal bars filled with attendants. The bar tables in the centre of the room are covered in clay which visitors have morphed into sculptural landscapes - dinosaurs, candlesticks, buildings. The audience are invited to engage with SHAM JAM and its inhabitants in whichever way they choose.