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Underpinning, Aberdeen, October 2019

Kirsty Russell, who runs Underpinning in Aberdeen, invited me to run a workshop around something that underpins my practice. I wanted to challenge the way we approach making the vessel, and asked all participants to bring something that could act as a lid. We then swapped objects, and made vessels to match the lids. The idea was to think about containment, and reverse the process of creating a pot, which can be so familiar or instinctive.

underpinning 5.jpg

Piece made for Kirsty Russell's publication on Underpinning.

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The Clay Counter

Barras Market, Glasgow, May-July 2019

The Clay Counter was a social space I created in the heart of Glasgow’s Barras Market. It existed as a workshop and venue for conversation and collaboration. Through the manual act of making in clay, it aimed to engage traders and market visitors in the possibilities of craft for storytelling, whilst also inviting responses to the future of the market, its possible gentrification, and the nostalgia surrounding its once vibrant history.


Fujian Province, China, September 2018

I spent a week in Longtan village, deep in Pingnan county, Fujian province, which has been restored by an influx of artists. I was invited to run two workshops, for adults and children, using recycled clay. We made sculptural coil pots with the adults, and masks with the children. They were later fired using smoke-firing. 



Land Art Mongolia, 2018

Murun Sum, Khentii Aimag

I ran a workshop for locals whilst on residency for the Land Art Mongolia. We made figures to reflect the sculptures I was making for the exhibition. I think I massively underestimated how much experience they would have with clay, and this was a big learning curve in how to lead a workshop, give instructions, and have a structure.